Machine-stitched Set

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Premium Aizome Men-Himo and Do-Himo

  • ¥1,080
  • menhimo-UP

Genuine Aizome Indigo dye Set 1 - Kin- Gold : Four fine threads are used and knitted to make one Hi...

KENDO-BOGU Set / F-201 (For Adults )

Deluxe Bogu set !

Great for KODANSHA! (High-level) We can recommend to a high ranking ...

KENDO-BOGU Set / YOSHINOBORI F-10L (L size / for...

Number 1 selling Bogu set ! Great for practice!
Soft and comfortable futon. We devised ...

KENDO-BOGU Set / FT-1 (For Adults )

Semi-Custom Machine-Stitched Bogu Set We first produced the Men for everyday practice, received gre...

Kasumi-ryu TOMBO

  • ¥195,430
  • kasumi-tombo

Semi-custom machine-stitched Japanese made Bogu Set Providing high quality Japanese m...