Men / Do / Kote / Tare

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Standard Men-Himo and Do-Himo

  • ¥540
  • menhimo-STD

Color : Dark Blue A set comes in two cords for Men-Himo and four cords (two long ones and two short...

Premium Aizome Men-Himo and Do-Himo

  • ¥1,080
  • menhimo-UP

Genuine Aizome Indigo dye Set 1 - Kin- Gold : Four fine threads are used and knitted to make one Hi...

Kasumi-ryu KUNOJI kote [AO-Label]

These Kote are produced abroad. As a result, it was able to a low-cost production!! Try it once ...


  • ¥29,160
  • men-hikobae

Please allow us 1-2 weeks for delivery. Durelimin Mengane  Uchiwa:Velvet [Measuring fo...

Hand crafted BOGU - 1.5 BU - MUSASHI

  • ¥49,000
  • men-musashi

Please allow us 1-2 weeks for delivery. Durelimin Mengane  or  Titaniumu Mengane Uchiw...

Kasumi-ryu KUNOJI kote Hand-stitched [Special Ord...

Kasumi-Ryu KUNOJI kote  Hand-stitched  [Special Order] ====MAKING METHOD BY FULL CUSTOM...

ONI Kote for Itto Ryu -Deer Skin Kote

  • ¥193,000
  • onigote

Premium Japanese Ibushi deer skin is used to make this Kote. This kote is produced on order. Pleas...