Embroidery ( Koshi-Ita )


Embroidery  ( Koshi-Ita )

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Embroidery  ( Koshi-Ita )
Embroidery  ( Koshi-Ita )
Embroidery  ( Koshi-Ita )
Embroidery  ( Koshi-Ita )
Embroidery  ( Koshi-Ita )
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please input \"Embroidery:\" .Please write the name for the embroidery.
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The Embroidery is available for Hakama Koshi-Ita


Outside of Koshi-Ita (image A) -1,800yen

Due to limited embroidery space available on Koshi-Ita,the name embroidery is up to four letters with your choice of front, and the font size is up to (2.5cm X 2.5cm).

Available to put Kamon(crest) instead, with the size of (3cmX3cm)

Write the name of Kamon if known in 'Embroidery'. After completing the order, please send the photo of Kamon by email as well making sure the correct Kamon to be embroidered.

Inside of Koshi-Ita (image B) -1,800yen

For the embroidery inside of Koshi-Ita, font size and number of letters depend on the size of Koshi-Ita but more words can be embroidered than the one on outside.Words can be written in two lines as well.All words are written horizontally.

For instance, with Japanese Kanji, we can write 'Congratulations on your promotion to Dan Level, from Komachi Fukuda' in different styles as below;

昇 段 御 祝

福田 小町   Or  昇段御祝 福田 小町

For the personalized logo and drawing,we require the image in high resolution.

Please indicate that you prefer your logo instead of your name in 'Embroidery' that after completing your order, go to 'the Inquiries' and send a scanned image and/or PDF file or attach the link where we see your logo.

Additional time and cost is required for the embroidery of personalized logo/drawing depending on the quality and the complexity of the image you send. We will notify it accordingly. 

We will translate your name into Kanji , Katakana and Alphabet for you.

Simply select the embroidery color,and provide us with your embroidery instructions.

If you have any further queries, please feel free to contact us.

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