BUSHU ICHI #200 (Made In Japan)


 BUSHU ICHI #200 (Made In Japan)

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 BUSHU ICHI #200 (Made In Japan)
 BUSHU ICHI #200 (Made In Japan)
 BUSHU ICHI #200 (Made In Japan)
 BUSHU ICHI #200 (Made In Japan)
 BUSHU ICHI #200 (Made In Japan)
 BUSHU ICHI #200 (Made In Japan)
 BUSHU ICHI #200 (Made In Japan)
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Made in JAPAN


Fine product with the quality like Hand-stitched Kendo-gi provides smooth and great comfort.
It keeps softness after washing.

BUSHU ICHI is number 1 Japanese Kendo-gi brand!

Size Chart  

size A(cm) B(cm) C(cm)
2 64 80 57
2.5 67 90 57
3 67 90 64
3.5 71 90 64
4 71 94 67
4.5 75 95 67
5 75 97 71
Kendo-gi size

Actual size may slightly differ from the chart. (Weight:Approx.950g for size3.)   

A half size:

For your information, Size 2.5 has the width of size 2 and the sleeves of size 3. Size 3.5 has the width of size 3 and the sleeves of size 4.   

*Due to overwhelming orders, please note it may take up to 3 weeks for shipping.

Larger size may require additional cost and/or production time.

For larger size Gi,we highly recommend to have Okumi for your comfort,giving an extra room around your waist.(Okumi costs additional 1600yen)

Bushu-Ichi #200 "Okumi"  


(Height: 171cm, Waist: 137cm, wearing size 5 Kendo-Gi with Okumi and size 25.5 Hakama with 130cm Hakama-Ita)

Washing Instructions:
Gentle hand wash in cold water.Knead it with your hand to press out the dirt.
Wash separate as color may fade.
Do not machine wash.
Dry in shade,away from the Sun.

If you have any further queries, please feel free to contact us.

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Daewon Kim
Post date:

Best Keikogi
I got Bushu ICHI #200 Keikogi and Hakama from Fukuda Budogu. This is the best kendo uniform to everyone I think. Color was beautiful and very soft and light weighton both keikogi and hakama.
Sankei, Aoi, and Nakajima can not compete with Bushu Ichi.
I'm 100% satisfied mind with Bushu Ichi.
I want to say thank you to Fukuda Budogu and If someone want recommendation about Kendo Uniform, then I will not hesitate say "Bushu Ichi".

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