BUSHU-ICHI #3800 (White)


BUSHU-ICHI #3800 (White)

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BUSHU-ICHI #3800 (White)
BUSHU-ICHI #3800 (White)
BUSHU-ICHI #3800 (White)
BUSHU-ICHI #3800 (White)
BUSHU-ICHI #3800 (White)
BUSHU-ICHI #3800 (White)
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Made in JAPAN

#3800 Thick White Cotton Hakama

Super Bright White cotton Hakama

Bleached naturally this cotton fabric bringing brightness with durability

White is the color most associated with the perfection, the brighter white color will provide cool yet elegant and stunning appearance.

Size Chart

Size A Size A
16 61cm 24 90cm
17 64cm 24.5 92cm
18 68cm 25 94cm
19 71cm 25.5 96cm
20 75cm 26 98cm
21 79cm 26.5 100cm
22 83cm 27 102cm
23 87cm 28 106cm

A guideline of expected shrinkage

#3000(30-KAN) #4000(40-KAN) #10000(BANRI)
Shrinkage 2cm~3cm 1cm~2cm Within the 1cm

(Please be aware that the actual size may slightly differ from the products.For cotton material, please consider the shrinkage when selecting size although products are made with extra 1cm longer in hem for preparing for shrinkage.)
 *Due to overwhelming orders, please note it may take up to 3 weeks for shipping.

(Height: 171cm, Waist: 137cm, wearing size 5 Kendo-Gi with Okumi and size 25.5 Hakama with 130cm Koshi-Ita)

How to maintain Hakama
1. Hold Hakama nicely into three.
2. Do not machine wash. Wash separately as color may fade.Hand wash by gently pushing in water.
   Do not squeeze or rub fabrics together.
3. Dry in shade. Do not tumble dry.
4. For keeping Hakama in good condition, please dry after training, and then fold it into three to store. 

Trustworthy ‘BUSHU ICHI’, KING of AIZOME – Indigo Dye

Excellent Aizome fabric -Light weight and ultimate in softness and comfort

‘BUSHU ICHI’ has been dyed in the traditional way using the natural fermented dyeing.It is made of the yarn dyed woven fabric.Unlike the artificial indigo color using chemical dye, BUSHU ICHI has beautiful natural color and its fabric is smooth and comfort which you may feel slightly different from day to day. 

Quality of BUSHU ICHI
BUSHU ICHI keiko-gi features this very deep dark blue color, sturdy and smooth fabric, all of which produced by using the yarn dyed in the natural fermented indigo dyeing. By applying extra support to the details, it became the ultimate ware. 

BUSHU ICHI keiko-gi makes great appearance
Well considered pleats on the Hakama create beautiful appearance and they guarantee to give you  the movement with ease . 

About the number # in Hakama
#8000 and/or #10000 are the reference numbers used and they are different in each company in accordance with the grade of Hakama.
In case of Aizome – Indigo dyed yarn woven fabrics, fine threads make fabric smooth and the volume of weave of threads represent the density which changes the weight of fabric. Tighter weave of threads make fabric sturdy.
For the same quality Hakama, Number # varies from company to company. Company A name it #10000 while numbers are #4000 in Company B and #11000 in Company C.
There are Four famous Aizome manufactures in Saitama prefecture in Japan. In old days, Saitama is called Bushu. Dark blue color which comes from Aizome made in Bushu is commonly known as Bushu Kon (literally meaning Dark blue from Bushu). Then the color “Bushu Kon” is widely used in Kendo tools. But in many years, any dark blue color and even the one not dyed in indigo also have been called as Bushu Kon.
We had supplied many other brands of Aizome products in the past but we now believe that ‘BUSHU ICHI’ is the best and the ultimate in dyeing and weave. 

If you have any further queries, please feel free to contact us.

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