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Heel & Sole Protector (SOKUTEI-supporter)


Heel & Sole Protector  (SOKUTEI-supporter)

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Heel & Sole Protector  (SOKUTEI-supporter)
Heel & Sole Protector  (SOKUTEI-supporter)
Heel & Sole Protector  (SOKUTEI-supporter)
Heel & Sole Protector  (SOKUTEI-supporter)
Heel & Sole Protector  (SOKUTEI-supporter)
Heel & Sole Protector  (SOKUTEI-supporter)
Heel & Sole Protector  (SOKUTEI-supporter)
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One of common injuries among kendo practitioners is heel injury.

It could become severe trauma that leading to the problem when walking.

When foot strikes the floor,the impact and shock absorbed in the arch cushion first,and evenly dispersed to the heel area to reduce direct impact on heel.Impact and shock on heel is amazingly reduced.

For reducing impact and shock,providing the relief of heel injury and protecting heel.

+++ Patent pending +++

dark blue,include one protector for right/left foot
Main parts:nylon, cotton, ester, neoprene rubber
Hand wash with warm water and dry under the shade.
( Do not bleach / Do not tumble dry / Keep away from direct sun light )
Customer Review
I have been suffered from heel pain, using this heel protector reduced the pain a lot while practicing kendo.I'm quite happy with this protector.Thank you Fukuda Budogu.

-Patent pending-<International patent application>

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