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Achilles Tendon Protection Supporter EX


Achilles Tendon Protection Supporter EX

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Achilles Tendon Protection Supporter EX
Achilles Tendon Protection Supporter EX
Achilles Tendon Protection Supporter EX
Achilles Tendon Protection Supporter EX
Achilles Tendon Protection Supporter EX
Achilles Tendon Protection Supporter EX
Achilles Tendon Protection Supporter EX
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Prevention is better than cure!

The Achilles tendon is connected to the heel and calf, and the heel is connected to the plantar muscles.


Total retention & warming of the plantar muscles - heel - Achilles tendon - gastrocnemius will increase the effectiveness of injury prevention and fatigue reduction.

The Achilles tendon and the sole of the foot are so far apart that they don't seem to be related.
But when the plantar muscles contract due to tension or inflammation of the plantar fascia, the Achilles tendon is pulled.

So there will always be a load on the Achilles tendon.
In fact, this can be the cause of a rupture.

Conventional products have a hole in the heel area, exposing the heel that needs to be protected.
However, the Achilles Tendon Protection Supporter EX covers the sole of the foot extensively and applies moderate pressure to enhance the taping effect and protect the areas prone to Achilles tendinitis.
In contrast, the Achilles Tendon Protection Supporter EX covers a wide area of the sole and applies moderate pressure to increase the taping effect and protect the areas prone to Achilles tendinitis.

You may think that "applying pressure" is natural for a supporter.
However, it is important to apply just the right amount of pressure, not too tight or too loose, in order to reduce fatigue in the lower limbs and relieve stress on the Achilles tendon.

In addition to sports such as tennis and volleyball,
and martial arts such as kendo This supporter is also recommended
for those who are engaged in standing or farming.

- Attention -
This product is a preventive supporter, so do not use it if you already have pain.

This is the opinion of all product testers.
We asked the monitors to use the product multiple times during kendo practice and sports.
The fewest used it 3 times, and the most used it more than 10 times, and gave us their impressions.

I had expected that it would be slippery.
I was expecting it to be slippery, but when I actually used it, I found that it was not slippery at all and I could practice as usual.
I thought I would like to use them again in the future.


I felt that I would not get tired.


When I moved my ankle back and forth, I felt a tight feeling as if I was taping, probably because there was no hole in my heel, and I realized that my Achilles tendon was protected.


I hadn't played golf in a long time, and I wanted to see how much of a difference it made when I used them and when I didn't.
So I dared to use it only on my left foot.
The right leg cramped up, but the left leg did not cramp up.
I thought it was great.


I experienced a ruptured Achilles tendon.
This supporter gave me a lot of relief when I used it.


I could feel the difference the next morning.
When I woke up and got up from bed, I felt refreshed and not tired.


It was hard to put on because of the pressure, but I felt a sense of restriction like when I was taping.


It was very hard to put on and take off because of the pressure.


This supporter is tighter than it looks, so I think it has a preventive effect.
But how about the durability of the fabric?
I would like to use it for a little longer to see how it holds up.


I felt cold when I first put them on.


It was hard to put them on because of the pressure.
However, after using it a few times, I was able to practice comfortably for the first time in a long time without having any leg cramps.
I am sure I will buy more than one of these supporters when they become available.


I'm currently on the verge of getting a separated leg.
I noticed that my muscles did not shake when I wore the supporter.
I noticed that my muscles did not shake when I wore the supporter, and it felt as if I was taping them.
Since the muscles do not shake, there is less stimulation and I feel comfortable after practice.


I used it when I played tennis.
I was surprised to feel my heels lifted up.
I was surprised when I felt the heel lifted up.
I felt a fit and pressure that I had not felt with other companies' supporters that I had been using for a long time.


Please try it in the following cases

- Prevention of Achilles tendon rupture, Achilles tendonitis, and calf separation.

- To reduce fatigue of lower limbs and keep warm.

- For those who play the following sports and martial arts

Kendo, tennis, badminton, volleyball, basketball, soccer, table tennis, walking, jogging, golf, gymnastics, etc.

- Those who easily feel fatigue in their legs due to long hours of standing and farming.



Achilles Tendon Protection Supporter EX


There is one in each bag.(For one foot)

M (Approximate calf circumference: 33cm to 38cm)
L (Approximate calf circumference: 38cm to 44cm)
LL (Approximate calf circumference: 44cm to 46cm)

Nylon, polyester, polyurethane

- Care Instructions -
- Hand wash with mild detergent or machine wash in a laundry net.
- Hang to dry in the shade.
- Do not use bleach.
- Do not use a dryer.
- Do not iron.

- Attention -
- This supporter is not a therapeutic product.
- If you have pain or injury, or if you have any skin problems, please do not use this product and see a doctor.
- If you experience any problems with this product, discontinue use immediately and consult a physician as soon as possible.
- In order to prevent injury, please stretch before and after exercise as appropriate.
- Pulling hard with fingernails or fingers may damage the fabric or fingers.



If you wear it in the right position, it will be more effective.

If you have a painful back, please take your time to apply it.

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