TORAY Cubic Sensor - Iai-Hakama


TORAY Cubic Sensor - Iai-Hakama

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Made in JAPAN

This iai Hakama is made of Toray's innovative Cubic Sensor fabric.

Continuously absorbs the large volume of perspiration.

Disperses perspiration instantly and dries quickly.

Material : Polyester 100%

Color : Black 

Size :(for man)                   Size :(for woman)

Size 22 : Height 155cm (7,610JPY)     Size 22 : Height 145cm (7,610JPY)

Size 23 : Height  160cm (7,610JPY)     Size 23 : Height  150cm (7,610JPY)

Size 24 : Height  165cm (7,610JPY)      Size 24 : Height  155cm (7,610JPY) 

Size 25 : Height  170cm (7,610JPY)         Size 25 : Height  160cm (7,610JPY)

Size 26 : Height  175cm (8,440JPY)         Size 26 : Height  165cm (8,440JPY)

Size 27 : Height  180cm (8,440JPY)         Size 27 : Height  170cm (8,440JPY)


*The Size in Heights is for the purposes of general reference only.


Name embroidery is available at additional cost.

Please order from the Embroidery page.

+We can make the inner pleats stitching.+

*The production time will be up to 7-8 days.

*We can make the inner pleats stitching on the Cubic Sensor Iai Hakama with extra 3700 JPY.

If you have any further queries, please feel free to contact us.

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