Shinai : FURINKAZAN : 3.9


Shinai  :  FURINKAZAN  :  3.9

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Shinai  :  FURINKAZAN  :  3.9
Shinai  :  FURINKAZAN  :  3.9
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 It is for boys.

Smoked Bamboo.    桂竹竹刀 <Keichiku-shinai>

FURINKAZAN is a Dobari style of shinai. Smoked Bamboo.


For ordering shinai with leather fittings, please select Tsuka, A:Gintsuka or B:W-Gintsuka.

A:Gintsuka                                B:W-Gintsuka


Regulations of weight and length for shinai complete with leather fittings 

3.7 boys U15 440g + / 114cm
3.7 girls U15 400g + / 114cm
3.8 boys U18 480g + / 117cm
3.8 girls U18 420g + / 117cm
Adults and university students (19+)
men 510g+     ladies 440g+

See here for U15 and U18 students.


Check for wear and damage
Make sure to check shinai for any cracks or splinters before practice.

It may get splinted from the first training.

Care of bamboo shinai is a critical part of practicing Kendo.

Please be reminded to care well each time after use. 


*This item will be shipped by EMS. E-packet is not available.
 If you had choose Epacket, an extra charge on your credit card.

If you have any further queries, please feel free to contact us.

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