Machine-stitched Set

KENDO-BOGU Set / FT-1 (For Adults )


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please input \"Height:\" .Enter in cm

please input \"Weight:\" .Enter in kg

please input \"Age:\" .Those who use this Bogu.

please input \"waist:\" .Enter in cm
Men A:*

please input \"Men A:\" .around chin(from the top of head to chin)
Men B:*

please input \"Men B:\" .around forehead
Men C:*

please input \"Men C:\" .eye height
Kote A:*

please input \"Kote A:\" .length of hand
Kote B:*

please input \"Kote B:\" .around palm
Kote C:*

please input \"Kote C:\" .around knuckles
Kote D:*

please input \"Kote D:\" .length from the tip of middle finger to the base of thumb

Please write the name for the laser.(KANJI / KATAKANA is up to 3 letters.) or (Alphabet is up to 4 letters.)
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Semi-Custom Machine-Stitched Bogu Set

We first produced the Men for everyday practice, received great reputations about softness of futon patting, durability, comfortability, and this Men became a best-selling product only in a few months'time. Due to overwhelming demands on this Men, now we have decided to add Kote, Do and Tare, selling in a set.

This quality bogu set FT-1 is recommended choice for majority of kendo practitioners, perfect for daily training. It also performs well in the tournaments and the grading tests. 

As the bogu set is semi-custom made, please allow us 4 to 5 weeks for shipping.

[The set includes Men,Do and Kote]

  • Durelimin Mengane
  • Uchiwa:Velvet
  • 6mmNaname-zashi on Mengdare 
  • 5-line Kazari Ago
  • Using made-in Japan -Mengane.


  • 50 Hon-Gata Resin Do
  • Kazari ito:Black
  • Special stitching method Maru nui used to Chikawa.


  • Konyakko
  • Single Namako

[Measuring for Kendo Bogu]

面サイズの測り方 Men Measurements

A : around chin 
(from the top of head  to chin)
B : around forehead
C : eye heigh
Kote Measurements

A : length of hand
B : around palm
C : around knuckles
D : length from the tip of middle finger to the base of thumb

If you have any further queries, please feel free to contact us.

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