About point given

By Member registered customers as the subject on this site and at the

With point determined for each product.

Points expiration is 2 years from the last point has been granted.

Deadline won't earn points in the new validity period has expired.

In the product price minus the points using min when using point upon payment

For the points.


Example ) at 2000 yen with 300 points

2000 -300 points = 1700 yen ← points are given for this amount.


Point as if another product to individual point split on a number of products,

Points used to discount for each product, points are given.

Each point of grant rules

Service nameNumber of points grantedGrant timing
Member registration points 100 points When the first order goods delivery has been
Order point Point determined for each product When the order is shipped
Review point Without

Use points

Specify the desired number from the number of points when you purchase order screen, holding customers.

Are discount points-you have entered. Must be signed by your shopping.

* Maximum of points can be used at one time for shopping is up to 500 points.

Check point

Number of points earned to date is in the 'my account' page after login

See more point history.